Requesting loan offers

How many banks should we ask for a loan offer? How detailed and unique?

Ask for an itemized offer of home loans from at least 3 banks, review it several times, think twice – give at least one week to make a decision. If you are unsure or weird about some things, ask! No bad question, just what we don’t ask.

In what offer, how clear and detailed is the information we receive, what they contain and what they do not? In addition to the installment payment, there are many other (often hidden) costs and fees that may arise, and the interest may suddenly disappear after the initial “loyal but super!” Promotional period.

Are these factors described in the offer?

Perhaps let us be the most critical with what seems to be the best layman. Don’t let them promise you what you want to hear! Or at least be a little skeptical…

When to ask for a quote and when not? What is needed to request a quote? What questions should we ask the person making the offer?

Always ask for a written quote! The word-of-mouth offer flies by the wind, frivolous.

The form and content of the loan offer

The form and content of the loan offer

The detail of the form and content of the loan offer is a clear indicator of the thoroughness of the bank or consultant visited. The more questions a bank clerk or personal credit counselor asks you to make an offer, the more certain he or she will be to make a serious loan offer.

Obviously, it is not expected that we will receive answers to our unanswered questions, but it is the expectation that the bidder will make every effort to inform the customer thoroughly. The more answers you get from a consultant, the more time and patience your clients have.

Data Security, Banking Secrets – What Can We Say And What Not?

The nature of the customer data needed to screen out the right credit is most personal, as everything from a marital status to our existence will shine through, so we can say that borrowing is a personal matter. So if we have any reservations about this, we can safely deny the answer in a couple of cases. In such cases, however, we may encounter a problem during the credit evaluation process that would have been useful to clarify when bidding.
Of course, if you enter it anonymously, the practical chances of misusing your data are zero. (e.g., the general characteristics of the property, the size of our income, and information about our marital status are usually limited to being identifiable).


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