Loan relies on flexibility and fair conditions

Loan and Credit loan services are intended for all who enjoy comfort and maximum control in all areas. Their benefit is reliable customer service proven over the years, fast payout of money and flexible amount and length of the loan, which does not place clients in a subordinate position, but makes them full-fledged partners for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Quick Loan Loan and Credit has been operating on the Czech market for several years and has gained over 20,000 satisfied clients. However, it also has branches in Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and Georgia, and another branch will soon be established in New Zealand. However, international experience and background are not the only reason to choose Loan and Credit.

Multiple lending options for trusted clients


The first registration when applying for a loan is always more complicated. In order to meet the legal requirements, it is necessary to verify the identity of the applicant by means of copies of personal documents, possibly also by telephone or bank account.

However, Loan and Credit, in return, provides those who have already paid off their first loan without any problems with a bonus in the form of a quick SMS loan , which can only be provided by simply sending an SMS. So you can borrow really comfortably and from anywhere.

Individual approach as the number one benefit


With years of experience, Loan and Credit gives its clients a truly individual approach across markets. The loan amount, approval process, online features, and other details are set to fully meet country specific needs. So you are not thrown any standardized template the same for everyone. And a highly individual approach is retained by Loan and Credit when dealing with customers.

For example, a loan can be chosen with the accuracy of hundreds of crowns to avoid paying interest for something you don’t want or need. It is thus possible to borrow for the exact repayment of the washing machine, without the need to pay significantly more. Moreover, such a loan is well remembered.

Loan and Credit – real loan for peace

Loan and Credit - real loan for peace

The smallest amount you can borrow from Loan and Credit is USD 500 . The maximum for new clients is USD 8,000 , so they can then use the credit limit of up to USD 20,000 . The loan application is usually processed within 15 minutes, and then a notification of approval or non-approval of the loan is sent via SMS to the mobile phone. So you can apply for a loan from an internet café and wait for the result in the comfort of your home.

There is no need to monitor due dates, Loan and Credit reminds them of their customers in e-mails and SMS messages. Clients who repay on time then receive discounts and other bonus services as a bonus. And if the next installment remains? Then just pay the extension fee (1-30 days) and postpone the loan a little delay. With Loan and Credit it is easy to set up a quick loan!



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