How To Have The Best Spread In Credit Housing?

With some probability you have heard that banks are back to giving credit. Perhaps you are curious to see how you can benefit from this greater openness of the bank to give credit. In this article we will show you how you can have the best spread on your housing credit, whether we are talking about a new loan or whether we talk about the transfer of your current housing credit.


Tell us what you need

A housing credit process is a bureaucratic and time consuming process. If you do the whole process for yourself, in order to find the best conditions for your credit you need to contact several banks, collect all the information, negotiate, pay commissions, handle more bureaucracy … a process that is time-consuming and non-par circumstances with the bank.

So that we can try everything for you, without any cost, just tell us what you need. Some quick information allows us to frame your process and start negotiating the best conditions for you.


Wait while we negotiate and deal with everything

Wait while we negotiate and deal with everything

TBC Credit assigns you an exclusive consultant. With TBC Credit you will have only one and only one point of contact that deals with everything for you. Clarify your doubts. Set the whole process and negotiate the best conditions for you. Our mission is to save money in the whole process, so we will try to negotiate all the commissions and insurance for you, so that you save on all fronts.


Enjoy your savings


The last step is to be present on the day of the deed so you can formalize your housing credit. It’s that simple. Your consultant, TBC Credit, will handle the whole process for you (well, you’ll have to make some documents available, but that’s all) and you’ll only have to appear on the day of writing.

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Why do I need TBC Credit? Can not I do this alone?

Why do I need TBC Credit? Can not I do this alone?

Having a company and a specialized consultant allow you to enjoy preferential conditions and all the advice you need. It saves a lot of time and headaches while benefiting from protocols with more advantageous conditions. You win on time, you save money and you do not have any cost so you only have to trust TBC Credit, a brand that has helped thousands of Portuguese families save money on their loans.


Does the process of housing credit with TBC Credit have costs?

Does the process of housing credit with TBC Credit have costs?

The whole process of housing credit, whether transfer or acquisition, has no cost. Never. We do not charge any amount. We are focused on the success of your operation.


If you do not have costs like make money?

TBC Credit has protocols with most banks that assign him a commission for the funded cases. So we have the incentive to give you the best service and ensure you can save money because we are only compensated for the success of the operation. And if you’re satisfied, that means you’ve saved us and will recommend our services.


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