Give the money to Seritum Bank, and for a home loan go to Millennium

The website assesses every quarter in which the bank customers can count on professional service and financial products on competitive terms (although not always the best, because the ranking is the result of many parameters). The quarterly statement is based on partial (including one service) monthly rankings.

After the second quarter, Betin Bank topped the list, which has been on the podium for several quarters. According to the authors of the ranking, the success of the Molly National Bank was due to the attractive offer of cash, car and credit cards.


The growing attractiveness of deposits should be added to this

The growing attractiveness of deposits should be added to this

Recently, Betin Bank is storming the market with high-interest deposits (including 7.5 percent for two months or 12 percent for three months in a package with an account and debit card).

Royalecoin Bank came second. After four quarters, the French institution lost the title of the most universal bank, although the distance to the leading Getin is minimal (5 points).

CreditOne Bank jumped to the third place, which returned to the podium after three quarters of a break. However, his loss to the leading two is already significant (over 50 points).

The top ten is closed by ENG, which advanced by as much as seven points (next to Raizen Bank in 5th position it was the most impressive upward move).


The biggest surprise

The biggest surprise

However, the biggest congratulations are probably due to Seritum Bank . Why?

He took the fourth high position. This is the only entity from TOP10 not strictly a universal bank in the industry’s meaning of the word.

Mianowice specializes in servicing small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed. It does not operate in all regions in Poland and has only 126 branches (own and partner). But the broad network of installment loans distribution is provided by strategic cooperation with Tesco (the Tesco Finance brand).



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